Celebrating Two Years of Peritia

From welcoming team members to launching a new website, many things have changed for Peritia over the last two years. While we may not look like we did when we started, one thing has remained the same: we are committed to paving the way for positive change in the construction industry. We’re honored to share the steps we’ve taken toward that goal so far – and to highlight just some of the ways we’re continuing to strive for innovation and growth.

Growing the Peritia Team: Introducing Manuel

Our leadership team is central to everything we do at Peritia, and we are excited to introduce our newest partner, Manuel del Valle. A professionally licensed engineer, Manuel brings over 20 years of international experience in large and complex industrial projects to our team. He offers extensive knowledge in all aspects of project execution, from contract development, project management, financial advisement, to dispute resolution. Manuel was drawn to Peritia thanks to his connection with President John Wolf. “I first met John at my previous company, where he was essential in resolving a dispute in the ICC,” he recalls. “It was a complex case involving the construction of an $800 million petrochemical plant in a remote location in South America. Working with John reinforced my own passion for forensic analysis and dissecting complex projects.” Now at Peritia, Manuel is eager to continue leading clients through mediation and arbitration. “I’m excited to tap into my many years of project execution experience and help our clients find justice in their contract executions. Or, even better, help them avoid disputes altogether.”

Defining Our Vision & Values

Although our objectives have not changed, we spent time this year defining our vision and purpose with specific, actionable language. Our team members strive to end each day feeling that we have pushed boundaries of our work, presented sound insights, and provided concrete solutions our clients can trust. Likewise, we are in lockstep for our vision of the future: building an industry-leading company of likeminded, united, and passionate partners, team members, and stakeholders.

Our purpose and vision are grounded in our five core values:

  • Respect: We believe respect is earned, not owed. In treating our colleagues and clients with courtesy and consideration, while delivering results-driven expertise, we earn their respect.
  • Honesty: We are open and transparent. We put everything on the table with a neutral mindset, without expecting personal gain.
  • Trust: We are unconditional in the way we exude confidence, dependability, and reliability.
  • Avidity: We are relentlessly driven, enthusiastic, and dedicated to excel.
  • Loyalty: We deliver unfettered faithfulness to commitments and obligations.

We know first-hand how important a strong foundation is to the success of your project. For our team, this structure serves as the groundwork for our future. In establishing our commitment to the highest standards, we can build upward and onward with confidence.

Designing the New Peritia

As our team grows, we felt it was important to refresh our brand with an updated look that encapsulates our mission. Our new logo does just that. Integrating infinity-like elements, it highlights the constant cycle of innovation we are proud to promote. Likewise, the interlocking Ps underscore the tight bonds of trust we build with our teammates and clients alike.

We also designed our new website to reflect who we are: accessible, intimate, and innovative. We don’t do things like everyone else, and we’re excited to have a website that doesn’t look like anyone else’s either. As you explore, you’ll find new blogs, where we’ll share industry insights and news, and a project portfolio, which we look forward to expanding in the coming months and years.

Maintaining a Community Focus

Collaborating with other thought leaders in the construction industry is central to our mission. Over the last two years, our leadership has participated in over 20 speaking engagements, committees, and conferences. Among them include teaching at the University of Toronto and California State University, presentations at AACE San Francisco, and CMAA Southern California, and seats on committees with the ABA Forum in Construction Law and AGC Houston Government Affairs Committee.

We are also incredibly honored to receive the AGC Austin D&I Award in the Service Provider category. This award recognizes Peritia’s commitment to diversity and inclusion – something we maintain as a top priority as we continue to grow. We believe wholeheartedly in the importance of different perspectives and are proud to promote an environment that encourages new ideas and innovation.

Building Trust Through Expertise

As we look to the future, we are eager to continue building relationships both with additional team members and our valued Alliance Partnerships. Through these connections, we can provide extended service offerings and turnkey solutions to our clients, offering trusted expertise at every stage of the construction process.

Above all, we look forward to continuing to prove ourselves as collaborative and committed partners who can help you build toward success.

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