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Project controls span the entire lifecycle of your construction project. We deliver expertise equally wide-ranging, from pull planning and baseline scheduling to time impact analysis, cost estimating, and change order management.

Implementing a suitable cost and schedule control system in the early stages of your construction project lays the groundwork for success, while consistent monitoring throughout the process assures milestones are met and your project stays on target. As your partners, our experts provide the perspective and experience needed to plan accurately and determine the course of action, so that a plan can be formalized and communicated clearly between project stakeholders. Our team also supports clients in implementing effective project controls processes for measuring project status, forecasting likely outcomes, and improving project performance. 

Through close, personal attention to detail and an intimate understanding of your project, we are able to effectively weigh possible solutions, identify opportunities for increased efficiencies, and mitigate uncertainty, all while keeping your project on track for success.

Constructability & Logistics

Constructability considers how readily your project can be constructed. In assessing a project’s constructability, our experts consider design and engineering documents to ensure they align with our knowledge of construction. Completed in the planning stages of a project, this perspective mitigates potential conflicts or miscommunication and identifies alternatives which could better support successful outcomes.

Pull Planning

Offering an inverse perspective to traditional planning models, pull planning considers the perspectives of all stakeholders to create a more holistic and collaborative view of the project. Led by our experts, teams work to identify key milestones and project areas together, often using colorful sticky notes to visually map out the process. With this information, our expert project planners can better anticipate potential obstacles and plan accordingly. Because it draws on the expertise of all teams, pull planning can often reduce the number of change orders required over the course of a project. Similarly, early collaboration between the general contractor and subcontractors creates an environment of accountability, ultimately reducing costs and keeping projects on time.

Baseline Schedule

Establishing a realistic and actionable schedule is a crucial step in assuring your project is on time and on target. Our baseline scheduling services look to build an accurate, honest schedule that can be used to measure against throughout the course of the project, providing teams the information they need to make well-reasoned decisions and deliver successful outcomes. Using the critical path method (CPM), our experts consider the entire scope of your project and define key steps and stages, then identify the best sequence and workflow to optimize your project and coordinate an effective schedule.

Schedule Updates

The larger your project, the more factors at play that may impact your schedule. Consistent monitoring and updating ensures your project schedule is accurate and – more importantly – that your team has the information required to make important decisions. In updating schedules, our experts consider all historical action on the project so far, identifying changes in sequence or duration, any delays, and as-built conditions. This information is compared to the baseline schedule to benchmark progress, allowing teams to consider what changes (if any) must be implemented to keep the project on target.

Time Impact Analysis

Performed using CPM schedule modeling, time impact analysis (TIA) allows our team to measure the impact a delay will have on your project’s estimated date of completion. The method can be used before, during, and after a delay has occurred to anticipate schedule changes required, adjust and update schedules accordingly, preserve evidence of delays, prove the impact of a delay and associated costs, and more. This evaluation gives our experts the information required to recommend schedule changes, determine realistic next steps and identify corrective actions to return your project to its original course.

Cost Estimating

With many factors at play, cost estimating can be a complicated – yet crucial – part of your project planning stage. This service includes not just an assessment of resource cost, but also a consideration of potential costing alternatives. Cost estimating also looks to anticipate future costs and mitigate uncertainty around them, seeking to most accurately align actual cost outcomes with predicted costs. This information may be used to weigh project alternatives, build a budget, monitor project cost and schedule control, or determine if a project can be completed within financial constraints.

Change Order Management

Even the best laid plans change. As part of our change order management service, we monitor scope, time, and costs to resolve changes quickly. Using cost estimating and time impact analysis, our experts capture the impact of changes to project scope, schedule or budget during the project performance period.

Project Controls Training

Give your team the tools they need to work effectively and drive positive outcomes with Project Controls Training. We are available to train you and your team on all topics outlined as part of our Project Controls services, including but not limited to:

  • Constructability Review Training
  • CPM Schedule Training
  • Schedule Update Training
  • Time Impact Analysis Training
  • Schedule Review Training
  • Change Order Assessment Training
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