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We know construction management touches every facet of your project – that’s why we deliver expertise in all project areas, including reviews and audits, schedule management, cost management, and more.

Impacting your project from start to finish, effective construction management is a vital component to success. Our team works closely with the project’s owner, the architect and engineer, and general contractor, providing a bridge between parties to assure seamless communication and on-time, on-target delivery.

In applying a hands-on approach, we can quickly adapt to align with shifting schedules, costs, and scopes while innovating and identifying solutions to keep your project moving forward. And with experience spanning over 20 countries and 120 years, we are prepared to take on any challenge.

Owner’s Representation

While services provided by an owner’s representative can be broad, the key purpose of this role is to ensure a project’s success in the interest of its owner. Construction projects are highly demanding in both time and resources, and often demand pivoting in the moment to navigate new challenges like labor shortages or increased material costs. Serving as owner’s representatives, our team provides the extensive experience required to represent the owner’s best interest and ensure positive outcomes. Services include consultation around the initial planning, scope of work, cost estimation, scheduling, and general contractor and subcontractor prequalification; and extend through maintaining time schedules, performance monitoring, and project evaluation.

Preconstruction Management

Every project needs a strong foundation. Our preconstruction management services ensure your project is set up for success. This includes assisting in the identification and selection of the project’s contractors, architects, and consultants; identifying and accounting for potential challenges the project may face and preparing a comprehensive management plan including an evaluation of schedule and budget; and preparing conceptual estimates and preliminary schedules.

Project Reviews & Audits

Construction audits take into account all aspects of your project to ensure it remains within scope and on target. This holistic review considers deliverables from all parties and can identify opportunities to control costs, keep project managers on track, and benchmark project progress.

Procurement & Contract Management

The vast scope of resources required for a construction project can prove complex. Our team implements years of experience and strong industry relationships to identify the best possible resources to align with project demands while also striving to mitigate operational costs. Services include identifying required resources, finding potential suppliers and obtaining bids or quotes, selecting the best source, managing the relationship with the supplier, and closing out the contract at the conclusion of the project.

Schedule Management

Effective schedule management is fundamental to a project’s success, ensuring it is delivered both on time and on budget. Our team starts in the planning phase, identifying benchmarks and anticipating potential challenges. We are intimately involved with your timeline, allowing us to make the real-time decisions needed to shift schedules and adapt to obstacles while remaining aligned with your goals. Services include identifying required steps within a project, determining the optimal sequence of events, estimating work periods, creating a project schedule, and monitoring and adjusting that schedule as needed to accommodate changes to the project.

Cost Management

Establishing a budget – and maintaining it – is paramount to your project’s success. Our team provides a big picture, considering both construction costs and external expenses to provide a complete view and realistic total budget across the project lifecycle. Armed with this knowledge, you and your stakeholders can confidently make decisions, while our team can accurately and effectively manage expenses for the duration of the project, ultimately reducing waste and adding value. Services include resource planning, cost estimating, value engineering, cost budgeting, and cost management and control.

Change Order Management

Project scopes change, potentially having effects on both time and cost. Our team is there to make sure those changes are resolved quickly and effectively to keep projects on target. More importantly, we ensure all adjustments are reflected in updated contract documentation, protecting all parties involved and preventing any disputes before they occur.

Construction Management Training

Knowledge is power. We are available to train you and your team on all topics outlined as part of our Construction Management services, including but not limited to:

  • Constructability Review Training
  • Schedule Review Training
  • Time Impact Analysis Training
  • Change Management Training
  • Cost Reporting Training
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